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I originally wrote this for the Jeopardy website but they don't seem to have posted it. Possibly because I said inappropriate things about drug use. ANYWAY. If it seems different from my usual LJ style it's because it was originally written for a different audience, although I've played around with it a lot now and it's got lots of bits that weren't in the Jeopardy version. For copyright purposes it's an entirely different blog post!

Ye Jeopardy Saga:
At the studio, before the first game.
Then this entry has the stuff about the first game. (links to video here; j-archive transcript of all the clues from the game here)
The second game (links to video here; j-archive transcript of all the clues from the game here)
Jeopardy party and aftermath, aka I had an awesome cheering section."

After I had watched two games, my name was called for the next one, and every butterfly in my stomach started going crazy! I was playing against Peter, who had done great on the previous game, especially with some movie categories that I would have been completely hopeless at, and Dan, who was kind of an unknown quantity for me, though he bore a distinct resemblance to a friend of mine from college (which asvern and slicegirl also commented on). I tried to turn up the confidence and channel all my nervous energy into Jeopardy! awesomeness.

Once the game started, I started to feel a little panicky - I felt like I was just flailing with the signaling device, really not getting the hang of it at all. When you're playing everything goes by so fast - the whole game seems to last only a few minutes (well, it really does only last about 20 minutes) and individual clues and categories go past like blinking (the commercial breaks, on the other hand, seemed to last forever). I went negative on the second clue I rang in on (it was about Greek columns - Peter guessed Ionian, I guessed Corinthian, and I was shocked when Dan didn't ring in after that with the correct answer, Doric, and you can see me give him a Look). Anyway I was in third place going into the first commercial break, but I was starting to feel better, and the interview segment went pretty well.

There were a lot of clues where I knew the correct response but I just couldn't buzz in fast enough. But by the end of the Jeopardy round I was in the lead, with almost as much as my competitors combined. It was time for another commercial break, and I was feeling better already.

Then in Double Jeopardy we started right off on the category Viral Videos, which Dan chose the $2000 clue on. Not usually a good idea to choose a high-value clue on a goofily-titled category. The category turned out to be about viruses - as a librarian at a pharmacy school, dealing with videos and books and other media about medical subjects is my job! We actually have at least one of the videos that were mentioned in the category at the library where I worked at the time. And possibly guys don't know what HPV stands for as well as women do, although really they should! Genital warts and penile and anal cancer are no joke!* Anyway, I tore that category up. Go me!

By the end of Viral Videos I felt great, and by the end of the Classical Music category I felt even better - I minored in music and I have been an active choral singer since high school. I hate to think what my chorus friends would have thought if I had missed the question about Handel's Messiah, probably the most famous piece of choral music of all time (though not one of my faves). Watching the show, it sounds like I put an extra R in "Thus Spake Zarath(r)ustra" but Alex didn't call me on it and it didn't end up significantly altering the outcome of the game (although if he'd called me wrong and Dan had gotten it right, I would have actually had to risk some money in Final Jeopardy and I might have ended up with a lot more money, depending on how much I dared to wager, but neither of the guys got any of the other questions in the music category so who knows how likely that would have been). The last clue in that category was "This Italian composer known for his Concerti Grossi, Opus 6, played violin, not mandolin," and my first thought was, "It's not Vivaldi," and then Peter rang in and said "Vivaldi", which was, indeed, wrong, but I couldn't come up with the correct response (it was Corelli, duh).

Towards the end of Double Jeopardy I knew I had a chance at a runaway win going into Final Jeopardy - my score was just barely more than twice Dan's score, so as long as I didn't lose any money and he didn't win any, I would be guaranteed a win. There were a bunch of questions about world leaders that I probably should have gotten at least one or two of, but they were photo questions and I am absolute pants at identifying people from photos. Or, indeed, in real life. I don't have actual prosopagnosia but I have, for instance, failed to recognize my own mother after she dyed her hair. So I don't feel too bad about not recognizing Robert Mugabe, even with a clue about a dodgy 2006 election. Chavez I probably should have got, but I was feeling really, really cautious by that point in the game.

We ate up a lot of time at the end on a category of sports clues - apparently neither Dan, Peter, nor I are big sports fans, and I've been roundly mocked by friends, family, and strangers for not getting any of those. MOne of the last clues to come up on the board was about the New England Patriots, my hometown football team. I was almost sure the Patriots were the correct response, but I knew we were very close to the end of the round and I didn't want to put my lock in jeopardy (that's where they get the name!), so I didn't ring in. Sorry, mom! (My mother has Patriots season tickets and her TV room is basically a shrine to the team.) And sorry, me! I could have have used that extra $1600.

Going into Final Jeopardy with a lock on the win felt great! And getting the right response to Final Jeopardy made me feel even better, even though it didn't earn me any money, since I had bet $0. I had thought about betting my age or my sister's birthday or something, but Dan's score was so close to half my score that I couldn't rationally risk more than $199 and I superstitiously didn't want to risk even a safe bet. Since I got the correct answer in Final Jeopardy (and Dan didn't), it didn't matter, but I was happy with the bet I made. The clue was "She's seen wearing a rebozo in her 1937 'Self-Portrait Dedicated to Leon Trotsky'" and Peter and I both wrote down the most famous female Mexican Communist self-portraitist of them all, Frida Kahlo, but Dan guessed Georgia O'Keeffe and crossed out Mary Cassat. I suppose it is slightly more likely that Georgia O'Keeffe would have done a self-portrait than that Mary Cassat would have worn a rebozo and dedicated a painting to Trotsky. I think it was the kind of clue where if you've ever, ever even heard of Frida Kahlo you're going to get it right but if you've never heard of her there's nothing you can do. Not that it mattered, because Dan had a lock on second place! It was a pretty boring Final Jeopardy round.

The next thing I knew I had won $19,000 and I was out from behind the podium talking to Alex and the other contestants about a bad reaction Alex had had to hydrocodone (aka Vicodin) prescribed after his surgery for carpal tunnel (I would not make that up so you have to believe me). I felt great but I could still feel my heart going a mile a minute. I could've used a Vicodin myself right around then. (Not really! Vicodin makes me sleepy.)

Then it was lunchtime! Which I covered in the entry about the second game.

*This last sentence was not in my original blog entry I submitted to Jeopardy, just so you know! I had my annual(ish) physical the week after the taping, and I told the nurse practitioner about being on Jeopardy because, what the hell, she doesn't know anyone I know and she's professionally bound to not tell anything I say to her! She made some joke about not a lot of gynecology questions coming up on Jeopardy, and I was like, it's funny you say that! Because I won $2000 on a question about HPV!


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Jun. 23rd, 2010 12:46 pm (UTC)
Hee, yes, we wondered about the lack of buzz-in for Doric, but maybe his mind was just blank or he didn't know it.

We could see you trying to buzz in and not getting it; more frustrating for you than for us, I bet!
Aug. 6th, 2010 07:51 am (UTC)
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