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My latest work-related trauma, in cased your missed me ranting about it EVERYWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET, is that I apparently have negative 30 hours of vacation time. I want to barf. I've emailed the human resources guy to ask WTF and left him a voice mail but he hasn't responded. I absolutely cannot face the idea of having to work with no vacation for the next four months just to get back to having zero hours of vacation. Also, if this is correct, every vacation I have taken for the last year and a half has had me in negative vacation hours. I foolishly assumed that the amount of vacation hours listed on my pay stub was somewhere within four weeks of the actual amount I had available (last I checked I had more than 110 hours).


Mar. 23rd, 2010 01:59 pm (UTC)
I managed to have a sensible conversation, though it did not quite lead to sensible answers. Fingers crossed, things can't possibly be quite as bad as they seem.