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June 2nd, 2010

Construction follies

There's some construction going on in the ceiling above the library, so half the library is taped off with caution tape. Yesterday one of my coworkers called me to come tell some kids to get out from the caution-taped-off area* - they had just ducked under the tape to get to the photocopiers. This morning, one of my student workers asked if we should put up a sign saying you couldn't use the photocopiers but I feel like surrounding them with caution tape counts as a sign, don't you? And if people are going to ignore bright yellow caution tape they will probably also ignore a 8.5"x11" black and white sign.

In less-frustrating news, I have a new apartment lined up! Hooray! It is super tiny, and it is in an attic, and I think I am going to love it. It's in Easthampton, which is kind of a ways from Springfield where I'll be working, but a very cute little town. They were having their Memorial Day parade and festivities while I was looking at places, so that made it seem extra-cute. Now all I need is a car! (Well, and some furniture. And friends. But still!)

*Incidentally, being the sole enforcer of all library rules is one thing I will not miss one bit about this job. I have no idea why telling people to shut up, put away their food, and/or get out of construction zones is my job any more than anyone else's, and yet when anyone sees anything wrong, they come get me so I can deal with it. Infuriating.