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Yesterday I went out to dinner with my dad, and before dinner we met up at a bar downtown where he was attending a work function - my dad sells "network solutions" (and possibly other kinds of solutions, I don't know how it works) and this was a bunch of his coworkers and prospective clients.

It was a little weird! First of all, people get confused when my dad introduces me, because he looks a lot younger than he actually is. (I do too, actually; it runs in the family. Possibly my grandmother has a stack of portraits aging away somewhere.) First people ask me if I'm a student, and when I say I'm not they try to find other ways of figuring out how old I am (I could just come out and say, "I'm 32" but that seems presumptuous, like I'm calling them out for wanting to know) and once they've got a general gist of my age they start trying to figure out how old my dad must be.

Another weird thing was this one guy who I am pretty sure was hitting on me, albeit in an extremely inept fashion. It was a very strange conversation (who brings up religion in a conversation with complete strangers in Boston? who hits on a woman who is standing right next to her father?) and I'm pretty sure he gave my dad his card in hopes that I would get hold of it (because he had not spoken to my dad at all before I got there and he professed to not know exactly what it was my dad was selling). There is actually also a chance that maybe he was trying to get me to join his church; like I said, it was an odd conversation. I'm tempted to blame the gender imbalance in the IT industry for this guy's awkwardness - I was one of maybe three women in a room of 30-40 people (which doesn't usually happen to me - I'm 1) a librarian 2) at a university that specializes in 3) health sciences and my hobbies include knitting and choral singing; in my world, women outnumber men by about 2:1).

Anyway, had a lovely dinner with my father at Abe & Louie's, which is good and a nice treat but honestly the pricing at these steakhouse places is nothing short of ludicrous. And the service was fine but nothing to write home about (they were a little rushy-rushy - which was a nice change from when I went out with my sister to a little Japanese restaurant and waited 20 minutes with empty plates and glasses for them to bring our check, but still). The food was great, though, and it was so hot out last night and A&L's was just down the street from the place we met up, so it was a good choice.

My fascinating life! Bask in it, people!


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May. 26th, 2010 02:07 pm (UTC)
Ha, I have that age thing too (I think I will still be thinking I might get IDed even when I'm 40!). We had a barbecue with our new neighbours the other night, and when I mentioned that I'd been with my company for eight years I could see them doing the maths in their heads to work out my minimum age (but then later on I spoiled it all by mentioning my 30th birthday party from the other week).
May. 26th, 2010 04:24 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's especially fun when it happens when I'm with my parents because the mental arithmetic just goes on and on... "if she's been living in Boston for 10 years she must be over 30... but that mean's *he's* got to be fifty at least... maybe 48?"
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